What is Welding Inspection

Welding inspections are extremely important for several reasons. Machinery, buildings, pipelines and other essential equipment and materials require welding that must be inspected to ensure safety and reliability.

Welding inspectors can employ various types of welding inspection. With the help of these welding inspection techniques, codes, and standards, welding inspectors can determine if a weld is suitable for its intended purpose.

The welding inspection process could include the following process.

Evaluate the overall welding process related to the quality control of the welding.

Maintain the records of all the issues identified and areas to be improved in the quality control and assurance process.

Compare all the records with standard practices and guidelines and make necessary changes.

The following could be checked when welding is done.

Condition of the welding joint and its suitability.

Welding process shall be by acceptable criteria.

Evaluate the use of suitable welding consumables.

Evaluate the safety requirements.


Why is Welding Inspection used

Welding inspector maintains a safe and compliant working conditions during the welding process. They use their expertise to ensure welders meet the required standards of safety and quality.