What is General Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is an inspection of an asset made using only the naked eye. This kind of inspection does not necessarily require any special equipment, but it does require special training so that the inspector knows what to look for as they visually review the asset.

Visual inspections have traditionally taken place with an inspector walking around or inside of an asset like a tank or vessel, visually reviewing different parts of it.


Why is General Visual Inspection used

The goal of a visual inspection is to find anything that might be wrong with the asset which could require maintenance.

For example, if an inspector is conducting a visual inspection of the inside of an vessel, they might be looking for:

  • Cracks or buckling in the welds that hold the vessel together.
  • Corrosion on the sides of the vessel.
  • Leaks or other issues with the integrity of the vessel’s walls or floor.
  • Issues with any of the supporting equipment that helps make the vessel run.