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Controlling tasks in confined spaces

Oculus Integrity Services standby personnel are highly trained to control tasks that are being carried out in confined spaces.

Our standby personnel offer a professional service which involves the following: –

  • Understands the symptoms of exposure to hazards.
  • Monitors testing equipment and environmental conditions for any changes that may require new control measures or evacuation and rescue.
  • Keeps a list of exactly who has entered or left the space.
  • Ensures unauthorised personnel do not enter the space by erecting barricades and signs.
  • Looks out for the safety of personnel by being in constant communication with them.
  • Looks out for any change in behaviour of the workers inside the confined space.
  • Checks that emergency rescue equipment is available and in good working order and appropriate first aid equipment is available for immediate use.
  • Checks that trained first aid personnel are available to make proper use of any necessary first aid equipment.