Coating applications are the use of industrial coatings or paints to protect or enhance various materials, such as steel, concrete, and rubber. Industrial coatings are thin films that can provide corrosion resistance, wear resistance, conductivity, and other properties to the coated materials

Industrial coatings are used in many sectors, such as Oil & Gas, Marine, Power Generation and more. Industrial coatings can also require different techniques, equipment, and skills, depending on the type and condition of the surface, the environment, and the desired outcome.

Some examples of industrial coating applications are:

  • Repair and protection of tank internals
  • External tank repairs and protection
  • Secondary containment repair and protection
  • Roof waterproofing and protection from damage
  • Metal roof and lead encapsulation
  • Parapet walls and coping repairs
  • Repairs of joints and seams.
  • Long term protection for Valves, Pipes, and fittings.
  • Flexible rubber repairs
  • Abrasion resistant linings to protect equipment subject to high level of wear.
  • Engineered Composite Repairs
  • Concrete epoxy repair composites.